Brahmarshi Patriji

Brahmarshi Patriji: Patriji is the Founder of GCSS and the New Age Movement called the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. The sole mission of this movement is to create intense awareness amongst all individuals about the Science of Meditation and Vegetarianism and its primary role lies in providing physical, mental and intellectual health and well-being to all. For the first time in the whole world, Pyramid Meditation, was established by Patriji. Meditation when done inside a pyramid is thrice more powerful.

Patriji has authored over sixty books and several audio and video cassettes and CDs ... mostly in Telugu language ... on various New Age spiritual science topics to-date. Under his authorship, vast amount of spiritual science literature in various languages ... by way of magazines, books, audios and videos ... has been created. Under his guidance, books authored by great spiritual masters of the rest of the world have also been translated into Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil etc.

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