GCSS is around the corner and what you have signed up for is pretty much going to change your life forever!
We usually prepare ourselves before any trek/trip mentally or physically. But for this event you might have to make slight changes not so much in your lifestyle but more so in your mind-style!
These few changes in your mind-style will only more so spearhead you for what you have signed up for, this retreat. With just 17 days in hand, you can start with the following few things right-away:

1. Start a journal : a must
Start carrying a notebook & pen with you wherever you go and record your insights and experiences that you are receiving in your everyday Meditation. Observe the changes in the quality and clarity of your experience.
If you have not made Meditation a part of your daily life yet then you might want to start it right-away.

2. Emptying Mind as soon as it fills up
You must have heard the famous quote by a Zen Master that says, ‘Empty the Cup’.
Imagine the Cup to be your mind and the liquid your pouring in, your thoughts.
What we usually carry in this cup are stagnated past or anxious future thoughts, that do more harm than good to us.
So you might want to slow down a little and become aware of that which makes you relish the cup of life!

3. Observe the Interconnectedness of things
Everything is Connected. We are all Connected – tangibly and intangibly.
Every thought or action of yours is causing a ripple effect and so is the person that is right next to you.
This knowingness will elevate your Spirit. Just know and be. The doing will come naturally.

4. Look at the Bigger Picture
There is no particular reason for one thing to happen without a reason. Go beyond the peephole view of your every encounters and embrace the vastness of Eternity. Love thy self and thy neighbor.

5. Open yourself
Open yourself to first yourself, to new experiences and to the lessons of life!
Begin to view things from a place of love, understanding & compassion and observe your life flowing naturally!

GCSS is your Soul Searching Destination.
If you haven’t registered yet?
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