Become a part of a Global Spiritual Family

GCSS enables seekers from round the world to come together to learn and grow collectively. People from diverse backgrounds join and within the three days of celebrations become an intricate spiritual family!

Interact with Global Masters

Bringing to you vast wisdom from New-Age Spiritual Masters from across the Globe, what you seek is seeking you! With interactive sharing sessions of their Wisdom, Perspective and Experiences, you are walking, talking and eating with these Masters everyday!

Grandeur of the Valley

There is no other place that one would celebrate an event like this, than at the Pyramid Valley International. Known to be the largest Pyramid built solely for the purpose of meditation, the place provides much more than scenic beauty – an energetic power spot – simple as well as dynamic!

The purpose of your existence

GCSS is a platform that supplements our inward journey. Choosing to attend this event for many has been a spectacular affair with their destiny. A step in the direction of becoming a greater version of our-SELF(s).

Transform your life

When there is a perfect ensemble of the Greatest of Masters, Seekers & the dynamism of a valley as powerful as PVI, we are bound to experience a shift that will pave way for a transformation in our lives!

Step into a World of Infinite Possibilities cause GCSS 2016 is now HERE

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