Meditation is defined as the stilling of the mind’s incessant waves. Meditation is to the soul what food and water are to the body. But the benefits of Meditation are not limited to just the soul. The gifts it gives us range across the mind, body and soul.

  1. Stress Relief – Stress activates the “fight or flight” part of our nervous system which Meditation reacts to by activating the “rest and digest” part, thus helping with stress management. Our heart rate slows, our respiration slows and our blood pressure drops. This is often called the “relaxation response”.
  1. Total Health – Meditation helps us understand that diseases are not physical ailments, and that they are simply the physical manifestations of some negative karma or negative emotions inside us. Meditation also allows cosmic energy to flow into us which cleanses, heals and rejuvenates every nook and corner of the body.
  1. Increased Concentration And Efficiency – Meditation works wonders for the brain. Since Meditation means focusing our attention on one thing i.e., our breath, regular practice of it trains the brain to focus, similarly, even when we are doing some other activity. Thus this increased focus leads to better efficiency at whatever we perform.
  1. Enhanced Memory Power – As the brain is energized with cosmic energy, it begins to work to its maximum capacity. Memory power becomes enhanced as the brain is more focused and calmer.
  1. More Energy – Regular practise of Meditation gives you access to an abundant amount of cosmic energy. This energy gives you more power. You will no longer feel drained or exhausted and instead will always be fully charged up!
  1. Better Control Over Emotions – As the cosmic energy removes mental blockages, you come into closer contact with yourself and learn how to deal positively with all your emotions. Your mind becomes more stable and you don’t lose control when something unexpected happens.
  2. Helps You Understand Oneness With The World – When you meditate, you begin to understand that everything in this world is connected. You, your father, your neighbour, the plants, houses around you, the earth, even the neighbour or boss that you dislike. Every single one of us is the same at the energy level. And once you experience the magnitude of this oneness, you will judge less and will start to love everyone and everything unconditionally.
  1. Become Happier – Meditation increases the positivity and joy in you. After each session, you feel refreshed and more alive. The positivity you acquire attracts similar situations and experiences to you, keeping you happy and joyful all the time.
  2. Finding Out Your Life Purpose – Each of us is born with an individual and unique soul plan and soul purpose. We must constantly strive to achieve that purpose. But how do we find out what that purpose is? Meditation! Through Meditation, you begin to connect with your soul which will give you all the answers you need about why you are here on this planet as “YOU”.

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