You are experiencing a shift in your inner being which is giving you a sense of knowing of “something-s” that words are not enough to explain.
Below are some indicators to identify the path you are walking:

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  1. Bored of the usual conversation and looking for a meaningful one

In the everyday hustle bustle, we interact with different kinds of people and what previously used to be exciting, now seems mundane. Even calling that distant friend is not as satisfying as it once was. You may not be able to put a finger at it, but these regular conversations no longer entice you.
A deep connection is what you realize you are seeking.

  1. You FEEL very strongly

It isn’t just the regular emotions that are surfacing, but a surge of compassion and empathy towards all things. Towards your loved ones, your pets, your immediate environment and even strangers.

Your feeling centre is experiencing a heightened state of awareness, swaying like a pendulum under the influence of a magnet.

  1. You see the interconnectedness in all things

A message on whatsapp, a big flashy outdoor hoarding with just the message you need at that time, a stranger reaching out to you when you least expect it.

All these so called “un-related” acts are no longer random. A strange feeling is moving through your being where you are realizing that you are not alone. That synchronicity is a way for the universe to speak to you!

These trigger points are only just the beginning on this long, exciting journey to Self-Discovery!
Join us in celebrating this unique journey that you have embarked on!GCSS is a four day global event complete with seminars, workshops and jam sessions to celebrate YOU!

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