As a seeker of truth, you have realized that there is an inner journey that governs your outward journey.
Here are some of the easiest ways to expand your inner-self:
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Anapanasati Meditation

Observe your simple, natural, soft, tender, easy flowing breath. Slowly and steadily, the wavering mind becomes centered to become one with the breath.
As you continue this practice every day, your breath will become your constant companion and friend. Guiding you to replace the inner chatter with a calm melody, encompassing all things included in the rhythm of life.

Reading right Spiritual Literature

‘Books are a swift shortcut to enlightenment’. Reading books opens up a pathway for our mind to tap into the knowledge of the collective wisdom of great spiritual Masters of the World.

Reading about eternal truths given in the Spiritual books reminds us of the inner journey that we have embarked on. Books offers us an opportunity to go deeper in our quest for truth.

Collective Sharing of experiences

‘Sharing is Growing’. Bringing forth your experiences expands the horizon of your Self and the collective. While sharing, we gain greater clarity in our own experiences, and learn through the intense process of mindful listening. As co-creators, by sharing your journey with persons resonating with your experiences, you will begin to celebrate the joy of creation!

Visit your nearest Pyramid Meditation Centre in your city to connect with like-minded Masters ~ Pyramid Meditation Centres across the World.

Compassionate living

Adopt an approach of “Non-violence, non-judgement and non-interference” towards all things, including our dear friends from the animal, plant and mineral kingdom.

By becoming a vegetarian, spending more time in nature and respecting all beings around you-  you will become more compassionate, empathetic and Self-aware.

Begin with these practices and see your life transform!
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