If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.” ― Amit Ray

Ever wanted to experience a grandest thing in life that is invaluable?? Ever wanted to stay in such a peace that you no more bother about some one or something? Ever wanted to have something ultimate in life? Here is the secret I tell you now.. Living in the PRESENT. Here’s how!!

So, what is it like living in the present? It is just enjoying this fraction of second you are living. It is just not bothering about the past and future and just living in this peaceful NOW.

And why this? How the heck will living in this moment avoid messiness and chaos in life?

Yes. It surely is a bliss. Just think for a moment, will something that happened in the past change if you give a thought to it or if you literally cry and regret over it? Learn from the past actions but never regret about it. It was an experience. That’s all!!

Look at the below flowchart. That explains it all. You actually have nothing to worry about!!


Ok.. Now, what if something at this moment is bothering you? Ask the question for yourself.. Will this actually matter to you after few months/weeks/years??!! If not, why should you worry, If that really matters, take a decision now wisely about it and leave it. Enjoy the moment. Only thing that is eternal and truthful and that is real is the present moment. Value it. Embrace it. Keep yourself lively in all the situations. Isn’t the greatest bliss in life is not having worries?? 🙂

Here is how you can start this NOW

Be aware of your thoughts, actions, words. Awareness allows us get outside of our mind and gets it in action. This way, you can gradually feel that you even become non-judgmental and yes one step ahead in the journey of spirituality 🙂
Few more life hacks eh?? First, love yourself. Help people around you in all the ways you can. Make them smile. Donate money if you can. Respect every individual and stop judging others. Read books, articles on spirituality. Have spiritual talks. Attend Satsangs. Be environment friendly. Love the nature. Be compassionate. Have positive thoughts. Everything is within you. Explore it!!

Final words.. The present moment.. Live it. Love it. Treasure it  🙂

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