Human beings have three eyes. Two to look, one to see.

What is the THIRD EYE?

The third eye (which is referred as the pineal gland) is the inner or the invisible eye located at the centre of the brain, in the middle of forehead, slightly above the junction of eye brows. It is the gateway that leads to higher levels of consciousness and gives access to cosmic vision. The Agna chakra is an energy centre located exactly at the position of pineal gland. This agna chakra when activated can function as the third eye. It resembles Indigo or purple colour which many people can actually see during their practice of meditation.

The pineal gland secretes neuro hormone melatonin while we sleep in the night. This hormone modulates the wake-sleep patterns. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which is associated with thirst, hunger, sexual desire and aging process of human body. When the third eye is activated, these desires can be brought into control or in other words these desires can be exercised at one’s own will.


Every human being’s third eye can be activated to the natural and spiritual frequencies. It is a source of intuitive wisdom that gives us insight to past, future and the present moment.

Meditation is the one and only most powerful way to tune the third eye into the right frequencies which enables the persons to travel to higher dimensions. Breath is the key which drives one’s concentration to the third eye. All that human beings try to know is within and it can be accessed via meditation. Once we start to meditate, we slowly tend to see visions with the third eye. Different images relating to situations which might resemble past life and other messages of personal or spiritual relevance that seem to have been given by eminent personalities pop up which are viewed by the third eye if meditation is intensely practiced. The third eye opening can be said to be a natural happening or a by-product with proper practice of any meditation technique.


  • Huge development of Intuitive capabilities and easy communication with divine and spirit guides becomes easy.
  • Sensitivity to energies (both good and bad) such that good energies can be grabbed and bad energies can be avoided that cause negative emotions.
  • Ability to see things they as actually are from a point of observation or witness without projection of ego.
  • Life purpose is known.
  • The right brain which thinks synthetically and creatively gets in synchronicity with the left brain that thinks analytically and logically.

There are many other fascinating facts and benefits about the third eye that cannot be described in words which seem very unusual to the logical brain of a human being. Such things can only be experienced by seeing inwards. Therefore, instead of trying some techniques with the target of opening third eye, if we do it through sincere practice of meditation, it can lead to the highest possible destination of the divine.

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