Pyramid Valley
Bangalore, India


Born into a poor rural setting in the Northern part of the Philippines, he grew up in a family devoted to spiritual healing and mediumship. He started his healing mission at the age of 14 through the premonitory dream of a paralysed elder, who could walk again after he treated her. As a young adult, he was already a well known and sought after healer in the Philippines and abroad both by patients, doctors and scientists.

The actress and best selling author Shirley Maclaine witnessed his healings for several years and described her personal experiences in the famous book "Going Within", which made him known across the world. Since, he has travelled to more than 60 countries, treating the poor and the rich, the known and the unknown.

Despite the unbelief and skepticism, Alex Orbito has now, for nearly five decades, worked patiently and persistently for the awareness of spiritual healing in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world. Having touched millions of ailing bodies, a large majority of whom proclaim the efficacy of his cures, he is always quick to disclaim personal praise, saying that he is only an instrument of divine powers. 

Time and again, Alex Orbito willingly cooperated in numerous laboratory tests and researches and was often subjected to rigid scientific investigations to determine the source and extend of his healing powers. The research done in Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Canada, Japan and the Philippines would only prove his extraordinary healing gifts as confirmed by some of the world leading experts, among them: German physicist and chemist Alfred Stelter Ph.D, American biochemist Dr. Donald G. Westerbeke, the Dutch Neurologist Jan van Hemert Ph.D, founder of the first European University of Holistic Medicine i.o., the well known Canadian Dr. Lee Pulos Ph.D, the Japanese researcher Dr. Kenzo Yamamoto a.o. More than 20 books have been written exclusively or partly about him and his healing mission.

Apart from his work as a healer, he founded the Philippines Healers Circle Association in 1983 of which he was voted President for Life and the Spiritual Help Foundation providing scholarships to youth and financing community centres and schools in the areas of Cuyapo and Pangasinan.  In 1999, he inaugurated the Pyramid of Asia where international healing seminars and gatherings are being held to meet, learn, exchange and grow.  He was conferred the Honorary Doctorate title by the UN World Brotherhood Congress in 1985 for "outstanding and dedicated Envoy for Universal Peace, Goodwill and Understanding" and the prestigious Jose Rizal Award in the Philippines in 2000 for his humanitarian works at home as well as abroad.